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Making Your Home more enchanting

Ohio Fireplace Pros has been offering residents of New Albany, OH an amazing, unique perspective on fireplaces. We have an allotment of special designs that are perfect for home remodeling. Our elegant designs on wood fireplaces have been providing a new aged approached to a romantic style fireplace.

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Serving Columbus, OH

Ohio Fireplace Pros features the most unique custom mantels, gas fireplace, inserts, wood stoves, wood fireplaces and more for your next home remodeling project in Columbus, OH. From gas fireplaces to wood fireplaces, we have the best products
on the market to beautify
your home.

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Making Your Home in Dublin, OH

At Ohio Fireplace Pros, we provide the residents of Dublin, OH a unique and innovative approach to home remodeling. Our products are designed for clients that want a modern, chic, and customized decor for their home. We take all of your specifications into account before any remodeling project
is begun.

Premier Home Remodeling & Fireplace Installation

Welcome to Ohio Fireplace Pros. We custom design and install home remodeling projects including fireplaces, bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Columbus, Ohio and Dublin, Ohio.

Our experienced designers and contractors will assist you at every stage of the home remodeling process from your initial design up until implementation.

Fireplace Installation

At Ohio Fireplace Pros, we understand that there is nothing that brings people together like a warm and inviting fireplace. We offer customized installation of fireplaces in a wide variety of different styles and finishes.

Our design experts help you to select the custom hearth that is ideally suited to your preferences and interior decor needs. In addition we offer new Radiant Gas Logs that provide incomparable heat with a truly natural look.


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